Monday, June 26, 2006

I helped my buddy Michael Costa out with a wedding on Saturday. He broke his ankle at the last wedding he shot and so he needed a little extra help.

Here's a few quick infrared pictures that I scored with my new camera!

Monday, June 19, 2006

This was my first time ever visiting Knapps Castle! This place is such a blast!

I got to play with my 10D that I had converted to infrared!

Makan and Anna's wedding was soooo fun! They had a beautiful and intimate ceremony atop the Santa Barbara Court House that I will never forget!

Ryan and Liz's wedding was absolutely gorgeous!!! Their wedding was on an island in the middle of the Kern River and was totally unforgettable.

I think the pictures tell the story well, it was an awesome day! :-)

I recently had the opportunity to hang out with Makan and Anna for a few hours before we did their engagement pictures. They both just completed their PhD's at UCSB this month and I am shooting their wedding at the courthouse this month as well!!!

What a HUGE month for these two!