Friday, October 7, 2005

Kara's face, eyes and mouth


  1. Nice hi-key and low-key... where you took these picture? In studio? Or just simple snap it?

  2. I love that first one.

    Freckles are beautiful :D

  3. Hello! Just amazing photos! beautiful model! :-) I imagine you have probably received this question endless time... however: I am in love with photography! I own many photography books and admire GOOD PHOTOGRAPHY! I want to embark on the journey of photography but would not know where to start. I own a little 35mm and a digital camera but they are nothing out of this world. I am interested in microphotography, people, shapes, shadows, etc. However, I am on a strict budget right now. What do you suggest as far as a camera? I would like something digital that would allow me to experiment. I thought I could buy something on eBay to get started. Can you offer some suggestions? Make, type, lenses, etc... I plan to take a course in January but I am in a completely different profession (medical field) and this would just be my hobby (maybe, hahaha...). Who knows?

    Thank you so much for an advice you would be willing to share. I would truly appreciate it.

    Again, thank you for sharing your photos with the rest of us mortals (hahahah...).


  4. That fourth one is perfect. You do overexposure so well. Keep up the good work!

  5. the third one is really good especially the color of her eyes, did u do anything to get it?

  6. Mama Mia, what a beauty!
    Always Yours,

  7. SWEET shots man! Love 'em!

    What lens was that with?

  8. Great job with your high-key stuff. I enjoy watching this blog - I only wish I had the time to take a few shots, edit, and post them every day. What an idea!


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