Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Late night driving


  1. Very Impressive. Since it was evening when you took these photos what type of lighting did you use?

  2. Hey Tim you are painting now?? :D

    May I say my opinion about the lights? I think you used your car's lights... isn't it???

  3. Very nice Pics Tim, I have just one question... Do you use a photo-editor for most of the pics you post here??..

    Thank u very much.. and Congratulations again!

  4. Haha... Ruben, Vulcan is corrected, I was driving around at night, and I was actually shooting pictures of the street signs beyond these plants/weeds when I noticed how cool they looked and shifted my focus to thhem.

    e.v., yep, I use photoshop for most all of my pictures. These ones were actually turned to black and white and then tinted using the curves adjustments.

  5. oh your so talented tim! :) *punches you in the arm* I HATE YOU! lol :) j/k
    awesome as always!

  6. YYYEEESSS!!!!!! :D :D ;D

    Tim.. have I won anything???? LOL!!

    How are you? Received my email?

    I will get in touch with you as soon as possible :)

    take care of you my fella!

  7. your pics are amazing, very nice.
    kisses from Chile South America (latinamerica)

  8. cool! didn't know evasive weed could look pretty :)