Saturday, July 8, 2006

We are home in the middle of two weeks of family vacations. We spent the first week with my girlfriend Cheryl's family in Yosemite, and we will be spending the next week at my aunt's cabin on the American River.


  1. Cool stuff! Where is the American River?

  2. Half Dome... brings back good memories. taylor, bethany, amy, and I were all camping near the base of halfdome and one morning I woke up before sunrise to take some pics. on a whim I decided to hike up to the top... well, 5 hours later I got to the top and realized it was A LOT farther than it looked.... and I didn't have any water!! stupid me. I almost died.
    It was all worth it though when I peed off the top of half dome... it was like a 4,000 foot cliff. :)

    Cool pics!

  3. the second shot is so...stark.
    as always ;)

  4. American River runs from the Tahoe area down into Sacramento along highway 50.