Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Alright, I've got a TON of catching up to do with blogging some of my recent weddings, but in the meantime I just wanted to post up and share the photgraphs that I entered in tonights PPSBC(Professional Photographys of Santa Barbara County) photo competition.

It was an awesome turnout with some AMAZING photographs!!! Seriously, it was sooo great to see everyone's work and the caliber of what people are producing! I learned soo much from hearing the judges talk about their reasons for how they scored our images.

Tonight I learned that you're supposed to name all of your photographs that you enter in competitions. I always thought people just did that for fun, and I've never been really into it because I feel that my photographs should speak for themselves. But now I'm starting to understand the reasons behind naming your prints. :-)

Alright, so my big news for the night is that I won First Place in the Wedding category. I was super excited about that, and then even more amped when I received Best of Show for the night! :-) soooo exciting!!!

The print I received Best of Show for was from my buddy David Berg's wedding and is titled "Tango."

Tango(David and Danielle Berg):

Below the Waist:

Eric and Nancy:

John and Jessica:

Those are the names I ended up giving to my pictures. I really feel they all work well without names, but I'm told if I have any interest in taking these to the State or National level, I will be disqualified if they don't have names. I guess it's kinda like having a kid, you can't really have one whout choosing a name...


  1. That's AWESOME!!!! Congratulations, Tim!!! Too cool. And that first one ("Tango" lol) is really beautiful - I can see why it won Best In Show!

    BTW, you don't have to name your kid. You could just be a hippy and let your kid name him/herself. .... And then you'd end up with Peekaboo Street (the snowboarder)!

  2. I seem to remember the half-pipe... but whether that was on skis or on snowboard, I can't remember.

  3. Hey! Where's Mike and Desiree?!Just Kidding!
    Congratulations! I always knew you were a genius with that camera!

    P.S. Countdown is less than three weeks!Is Cheryl going crazy!