Thursday, December 14, 2006

Decorating for Christmas for the first time as a married couple has been fun!

It's crazy though, because we have a serious lack of ornaments! I remember growing up and taking for granted all the endless ornaments on my parents tree, all with meaning, down to the detail of the skirt around the base of the tree.

So, we have a little Charlie Brown style tree, and only one personalized ornament (I think we need to find a way to sneak our childhood ones out of our folk's homes this winter) which we got from Cheryl's mom for Christmas. So, the rest of our ornaments are the generic storebought silver balls along with a load of candy canes (great excuse to buy candy that we shouldn't have bought) ;-)

Then there's the fridge full of peanut-butter-balls!!! YIKES!!! Seriously, the belly is NOT getting any smaller this winter.


  1. Aww thats really cool how you can see you guys' reflection in the ornaments

    Hope you have a great first Christmas together as 'The Halbergs!'

  2. Your mom will bring you your ornaments. We had actually set them aside for you last year. So, look for them in your truck saturday at the wedding!

  3. Cute! I remember that first Christmas - we bought a bunch of ball ornaments too.

    BTW... are you going to share the wealth?! Pnut butter balls are my fave!