Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It feels sooo good (yet it hurts sooo bad) to excercise again!!! (if you read my newsletter then you know I'm trying to drop about 20+ pounds by April)

So, I started by running for about 5 or 6 days straight, then I've been hitting the gym every day this week.

The problem is, I'm torn between running, and circuit training in the gym.

Running seems like the no-nonsense way to lose weight, but everyone I keep talking to tells me that circuit training is the way to go.

At this point, I'm pretty sold on the gym. I seriously feel way more worked out after a good workout there than after a long run, and I feel like I can push myself more in the gym.

Any thoughts?

Oh, and the guy who's been pushing me to work harder in the gym is my buddy Andrew VanGundy (aka, AVG). He's a fellow wedding photog who's go the body that I think is my eventual goal! (is that weird for me to say about another guy?)

Anyway, I found a picture of him so people can give me their thoughts on the best way to achieve my goal!

And yes ladies, he is single ;-)


  1. I think that's going to take some healthy eating (e-mail me and I can get you some great info on nutrition!), persistent working-out (running and circuit training are BOTH great ideas - how about alternating them daily?), and probably some good weight lifting considering how tight his abs are!!!

    BTW I have NEVER understood how a guy can have a gun pointing so close to his... um.. ahem... ya know. A little too daring, if you ask me!!!! lol

  2. What you are doing is great. I know that you love bikes just like me. So you should start mountain biking or road biking. Since you live in an world class area for both. I droped almost 40 pounds by riding my bikes and eating smart. Plus you're out in nature and not indoors.

  3. that AVG guy is some HOT stuff! ;-)