Monday, February 5, 2007

I used to be decent on a bike...

I've been cleaning up my hard drives and organizing all the files and I found this video that my buddy Zak Maeda (pro trials rider extrordinaire) made of me riding.

Believe it or not, I actually used to be a sponsored bike rider. I rode for Cannondale, Marzocchi, Uptime, SRAM/Gripshift, Magura and more.

It's been about a year since I last straddled my bike... but my buddy Zak recently asked me to meet him for a ride, so maybe I'll post up that video to show you guys how much difference a year off the bike has made. (amazingly enough, sometimes I'm more smooth when I haven't ridden in a while)


  1. nice! this makes you the coolest wedding photographer in my book!

  2. Hi Tim!

    after a year of silence I saw last week your message on my blog, that's great!
    I'm happy for you and for your marriage but.. who did the pictures?? ^_^

    I'm sorry for my silence in all these months.. I saw your photographs sometimes and I find them all beautiful!

    Beautiful the macros, I love expecially the spider you did some posts ago.

    So what? :) I hope we will enjoy again our own blogs in the next future!


  3. another thing.. you do all that things on the bike?? it's amazing!

  4. wow... sweet!
    my husband will be crazy jealous... it has been -10 degrees here -not optimal biking weather.
    the footage is amazing!!!
    you are the dude!

  5. you were'nt decent, YOU WERE GREAT! those were really cool moves!

    thank you for visiting my blog and many thanks for the comment, too. btw, I did a little "plug" about your website on my blog. i hope you don't mind.

  6. tim you've been updating so much! Im impressed!
    Im all caught up now and I must say it sounds like you're having a TON of fun these days! Yay for you!
    can't wait to see more!

  7. that is sick! good to see you last weekend.

  8. tim,

    i used to ride for cannondale too! well, i rode a cannondale and i paid for it, so in a way i rode for them, right??? amazing! i love to mountain bike and mix it up with some fun stuff, but that's seriously insane. your good.