Friday, February 23, 2007

I was interviewed for the KTLA Morning News

I was recently interviewed for the KTLA's morning news for Kurt the Cyber Guy's section.

Once again, they were curious about "public shaming" via videos on the internet, and my video of my kind old neighbor stealing my newspaper was once again the center of attention. So, I got up early, drove down to LA and explained my story for the camera.

The interview should be airing on Monday morning at about 7:50 a.m., and the video should also be available online at this link: sometime around the airing of the piece.

You can see my original video on youtube by clicking here.


  1. How hilarious is that? That is awesome. Is this a regular occurrence?

  2. Congratulations bud. You should broadcast Cheryl doing funny things. But big ups for being on TV!!!

  3. Okay, I set my Tivo for the Monday Morning EArly News and the Monday Morning Show. Hopefully I catch you on there - I didn't have good luck with catching you on the radio!

  4. Dude awesome... I saw you on KTLA... You are my idol... I always wanted to be on KTLA... Maybe in a hi-speed chase or something... Hope all is well with and I have to say that was Awesome... Also I love the shots from Mike and Desiree's wedding... Lates

  5. Emily keeps asking to watch it again and again! She's wondering where Cheryl is, though!

    BTW nice shirt! I was expecting pink, but green works too!

  6. haha... this has been happening more and more. It all started with the story in the Wall Street Journal!

    Is it bad that I don't like how I look in front of the camera? (but, I'm working on it... been hitting the gym a lot!!!)