Sunday, December 17, 2006

On Friday night I made the drive from somewhat Santa Barbara to Bakersfield for a very special wedding!

My little cousin Emily had her wedding Saturday and not only was I there because I was stoked to see her get married, but she also trusted me to be her photographer!

We had a blast taking pictures and it was fun to harass my family members with my camera! Not to mention taking pictures of my EXTREMELY cute niece and nephew!


  1. Awesome! Love that top shot and the bride and father shot is priceless! You rock dude!

  2. Tim,

    You are the best photographer, you immortalize weddings with your wonderful pictures. your cousin (and anyone you shoot) is so lucky to have you as their photograper.

    happy holidays,

  3. p.s. wow! cool cross!!! Tim, you are a thinker!

  4. Sweet images. I was bad and bought Dior Sunglasses. Ah. I've been spending too much time with you.