Thursday, December 28, 2006

I've been asked on soooo many occasions which camera I use, what lens I shoot with, what gear is the best, what books I read, what music I like and so on and so forth.

I don't mind in the least bit sharing this information, I actually love helping others who are getting started, or who are looking for some sweet toys to buy.

So far, I've been really slow in replying to people who ask these questions because I'm so busy helping my brides get the best photography and service possible.

But, thanks for the one-and-only Gary Fong and his AWESOME blog, I was able to find a way to not only share this information with everyone in a very simple format, I was also able to set it up so that everyone can buy anything that I LOVE using from the same page where I'm showing it to them!!


Oh... so you're probably wondering how you can find this site that I set up. Well, CLICK HERE and you'll be taken to the site. Or, you can browse to the links on the right side of this blog where the link will always be sitting and waiting.

I plan to keep this pretty up-to-date as I acquire more fun toys, pick up on new music, or read a great book.

I hope you guys enjoy, and if there is anything you are wondering about, like what brand shoes and socks I wear, I'm sure I can put those online for you as well! ;-)


  1. Sweet post. Love the site. Just shot another wedding. Wow I am sore. My thighs! from all the squatting and bending. How do you do it?.... my right arm....ahhhh aching!! you have to be in good shape! It was fun... will post some shots soon. Big event in my neighborhood this week.... just down the street. Fords Funeral!!!

  2. I love this post!
    Missed you at Reality, bro. Were you there, and I was just in my own little world?

  3. Holy crap. Cheryl has nice taste in BBQs!!! You can 'q some nice steaks on that baby!

  4. brilliant! you should have a candy section too. i personally would recommend sour patch kids for movies, and reese's peanut butter cups for reading. see you soon hopefully! when are we going to the mountains?

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