Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What a year!!!

I'm soooo excited for 2007! My buddy Mark recently posted up about how with the new year comes a sense of a time for change/reflection and I have to say, I'm right there with him!

Not only have I done the required New Years Resolutions, but I've also been able to slow down a little bit and take a look at my business and see how I can make things run more smoothly for this next year!

I have a ton of fun weddings to share this year! I can't wait!!!!

Probably the BIGGEST news from last year is that I got married!!!

Now the coolest thing about getting married is buying each other gifts for Christmas! I've never in my life had soooo much fun shopping for someone besides myself! ;-)

And wow, did she go big shopping for me!! Hehe, she got me cooking lessons (I love to cook) and, she bought me a SWEET new BBQ!!! She even caught me in the act of putting the BBQ together while smoking a lovely cigar! :-)

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  1. Sweet Barbeque Shot! Keep up the resolutions. Best wishes for 2007. I love family guy i've been watching it all day...