Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Christina and Steve's Wedding!!

Christina and Steve's wedding was sooo fun! Small weddings are cool because I usually get to spend a much higher percentage of the day alone with the couple just shooting pictures of the two of them!

We started out with a quick ceremony in the Mural Room at the Santa Barbara Courthouse. That room is a photo-shoot in-and-of itself! So fun and beautiful!

After the ceremony, Christina and Steve, along with my cousin (who spent the day as my second shooter) and myself, cruised over to Butterfly Beach for some sweet pictures on the sand!

Steve is a big game hunter/guide by profession. He and Christina met on safari he was guiding in Africa (Steve is South African) The two of them later spent a good deal of time in Africa together studying and documenting wasps which pollunate the Fig trees. I believe they might be releasing a book on the subject in the future! Christina actually went to my Ala Matar (Brooks Institute of Photography)

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  1. NIce shots of Christina and Steve! Glad to know that older folks are still falling in love and getting married! Blessings to them! Rock on!