Saturday, March 17, 2007

Epic Hot Engagemet Session at Knapp's Castle

I had the chance to shoot the hottest couple this week for their engagement session! We headed up to Knapp's Castle on East Camino Cielo for some fun/elogant pictures!

We battled a rather large crowd of hikers/photographers, but ended up with some VERY epic shots!

Kyle and Debbie were the most AWESOME couple and we had a blast shooting with them!

Debbie has quite the fashion sense and was wearing some VERY fun stuff! Her dress is by Catherine Malandrino and she purchased it just for our shoot! Her shoes were by Christian Louboutin. (hehe, Kyle asked if I knew what any of this meant, I assured him I could appreciate the names) :-)


  1. Really cool location. I love the first series of shots on the arches. But how on earth did they climb up there??

  2. Knapps what??? That place looks familiar! ;-)

    EPIC shots yo. Love that b+w film grain lookin stuff!

  3. Nice couple, there, Tim - where'd you find them? Ha ha. Great location, too - heh. I think they're really striking, myself...they're going to have beeyouuteeful kids if they go that way, don't you think? Still dying over YouTube neighbor shots.

  4. Haha... props to Debbie who actually began walking out onto the arches in her heals (Christian Louboutin for those who appreciate that)

    She quickly opted to switch to no shoes (she was scaring the crud outta me walking out on that ledge in her heals!)

    Hehe, and none-other than the AWESOME wedding coordinator Maya Hamptom hooked me up with this awesome couple!

  5. sorry guys... the comments were down for a litlte bit... but looks like I got them fixed!

    so... comment away!

  6. Hey i can leave a comment now! I miss that place so much! Pics are amazing as usual!

  7. hehe... oops... sorry Maya... I really gotta pay better attention to my typing!

  8. Beautiful! I've wanted to do an e-session there for sometime - you captured it perfect!

  9. great shots. I've done a couple engagement photo sessions; its a shame I didn't have a castle to borrow.

    I love the lighting and the sillouette. The arches almost make a heart.

  10. Tim-
    I met you at that winery shoot at OSP West-we were spinning around with flashes and reflectors down in the wine cellar for Mike Larsen-
    These images are so beautiful-
    very cool-
    I love them!