Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Photographer looking like a turtle...

Yikes! I've always found it funny how smaller photographers can easily become dwarfed by their camera bags.

Well, Cheryl snagged this quick shot of me in Santa Barbara shooting engagment pictures for Courtney and Doug this past week and it's amazing how a nearly 200 pound man can disappear behind a camera bag! YIKES! (I think this might mean I need to get a rolling camera bag! Any suggestions??)

Courtney and Doug are getting married at the Firestone Vineyards in May and I'm super excited about their wedding!!!


  1. Whoa dude! You must have a tent in there! time for a Mike Costa bag - ??? I need a bag too?

  2. haha I like how cheryl is the smaller photographer link. and turtles have there act together so sport it with a green turtle neck.

  3. hahaha... chad, I'm glad you caught that!! I wondered if anyone would!

    Now, I wonder if Cheryl will ever catch it! hehe

  4. That's why my assistant carries my bag, LOL!