Tuesday, March 6, 2007

I love shooting for other wedding photographers!

Local Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer Andrew Van Gundy AKA - "AVG," AKA - "The Wedding Photog," asked me to shoot some portraits of him yesterday for his new website, and for his girlfriend.

We took a quick trip up to Westmont to shoot in front of a very cool dilapidated house on the campus, shot a few head shots Zoolander style, and then some quick pictures to capture a bit of his personality!


  1. OH MY!!!!!!! Hey Tim, what's up buddy!?! Yeah....I don't know you...at least not yet...I'm Sarah....what's up?!?! Nice shots....my boyfriend's HOT!!!!! hahaha...he told me to check him out on here....love your pics!!!!! They're amazing!!!!

  2. Great air! Great hair! He has some great shots from his Mexico trip!

  3. Wonderful shots! Looks like you had an amazingly energetic subject to photograph. You do an amazing job!!!